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How to Get Motivated!
By: David Hagger

Deciding to lose weight is easy, but maintaining the motivation to lose weight, well that’s not so easy. There are many reasons to take on the challenge ahead, a challenge many fail at every day.

If you approach this decision with the proper motivation and the right tools, you will achieve your weight loss goal. I promise you it will be a life-changing experience, one that will empower you and teach you to succeed and prosper in many of the decisions and challenges you will face in the rest of your life.
You don’t need to be lectured on the benefits of losing the weight. You already know your health and quality of life will drastically improve. Your energy and self-esteem will radiate from you. You know you can be the person that you know is inside you. You also know that by achieving your goal you will be able to meet any challenge ahead. By incorporating the benefits into your thoughts you will be able to sustain the motivation to lose weight.

One thing you have to remember every minute of the day. You have this within you “The Inner Strength To Achieve Your Goal”. This is true for any goal you set for yourself. Most people, including myself, barley scratch the surface of our ability and strength.

Inner strength, yes we all have it but it is suppressed to the point that we don’t know it is there. Doubts, fear and a lifetime of negative unproductive thinking keep us operating far below our capabilities. There are very few people who are supported and encouraged to achieve there goals. We can’t count on other people to tap into that inner power that we all have. Even if we did, it wouldn’t last. Our inner strength will last a lifetime if it comes from within.

To release the inner strength needed to sustain the motivation to lose weight involves some mental reprogramming. Taking years of tired old unproductive negative thinking and replacing them with powerful, success driven thinking. By installing these new attitudes and new beliefs you will have the ability to achieve any goal that you set for yourself.

Here is a tip…when installing these new attitudes and beliefs, always use an affirming phrase.

Use phrases like “I am going to eat for the future I want for myself” or “I am packing a lunch today for my health.” Keep your affirming phrases and focus on the day ahead, not the ultimate goal.

I know this sounds too simple to have any effect, but if you incorporate the thinking that projects the attitude and outcome you want to achieve, your mind will push out your old thinking patterns. This will allow these new thoughts to be the dominate influence in your life. You will be one of the few people that will be able to tap into your inner strength. You will have the ability and motivation to lose weight, to reach higher, and go further. Your life will never be same again.

Here are some positive statements and empowering questions that you should use regularly...

How can I lose fat and enjoy the process?

What can I do today that will help me get closer to my weight loss goal?

What can I eat right now at this meal that will help me lose body fat?

How great am I going to feel after I finish my workout today?

My metabolism is getting faster every day.

I am getting leaner every day.

I like the way I look.

I am 100% responsible for my results.

Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.

I like eating healthy foods.

I love working out.

Training early in the morning is exhilarating.

I have time for anything I am committed to.

I like myself.

I can do it.

I’ll do it.

Added: 13-09-2011