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Lyn Yu Testimonial
By: Shane Suisted

What was life like before you started training?

Felt tired and sluggish. Less motivated to exercise.

At what point did you decide that you needed a trainer?

I really wanted to train outdoors after years of gym classes. Also, I am not getting any younger so wanted to strengthen my body and become toned, fitter and slimmer.

How much work per week do you put into your training?

5 hours per week

How long have you been training with SSPTAC?

2 months (SSPTAC 8 Week City2Surf Bootcamp)

So tell me exactly how you are different today compared to the day you started training?

I feel more energised, less tired, fitter, toned, stronger and slimmer.

How do you feel right now?

I feel great. See above answer. But miss training already.

What was your time in the 2011 City2Surf?

Did not run. Problems with tendon in right knee.

Did you beat your past times and by how much?


What really gets you out of bed when it's freezing cold to come to your session?

Knowing that I will feel great afterward. Also reminding myself it is only one hour and everyone else has got their butts out of bed so I should too!

What would you say to someone thinking of getting started?

Just do it! An overall sense of wellbeing when those endorphins start to kick in is worth it. I am already having withdrawals!

Lyn Yu, Botany

Added: 01-09-2011