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Michelle Cantrill Testimonial
By: Shane Suisted

What was life like before you started training?

Life was pretty much the same before I started training with Shane although I wasn\'t getting up as early on Tuesday\'s and Thursday\'s

At what point did you decide that you needed a trainer?

I decided I needed a trainer when I saw such a cheap deal close to home that would get me more prepared for the C2S.

How much work per week do you put into your training?

I would train roughly 4 days per week. Varying activities from running, cycling, swimming or boot camp style training.

How long have you been training with SSPTAC?

I trained with Shane for 8 weeks 2 days per week and averaged about 75% attendance to those sessions.

So tell me exactly how you are different today compared to the day you started training?

I have more upper body strength; I am able to do quite a lot of press ups without too much trouble.

How do you feel right now?

I feel pretty good right now, I am fairly fit but would like to get down to about 23% body fat. I am currently around 28-29%.

What was your time in the 2011 City2Surf?

My time was 74 minutes, that was the first time I had run the C2S

What really gets you out of bed when it\'s freezing cold to come to your session?

What really gets me out of bed is the thought that I will feel better after doing it and I can relax later on in the day.

What would you say to someone thinking of getting started?

Someone thinking of getting started, I would say; exercise will change your life, if your currently sedentary you will notice huge improvements to the way you look feel and act, you will have more confidence, look and feel better, have more energy, sleep better feel less stressed and improve the quality of your life dramatically. Try to vary your exercise using both cardio and strength related activities and try to incorporate it into your everyday life without it becoming a huge chore: e.g. cycling to work or running home from work or exercising with friends. Accompany this with a balanced diet limiting your fats and sugars, drink lots of water and limit your alcohol intake and you can\'t go wrong.

Added: 05-09-2011