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The importance of a good warmup
By: New Level Personal Training


The objective of a warm up is to engage the muscle in a stabilised and minimally resistant environment to increase muscle temperature. A good warm up should slightly increase your heart rate (approximately 50% of maximum heart rate) to get the blood and nutrients circulating around the muscles in preparation for the more intense physical activity ahead.

By warming up, you will actually have more to gain from your workout. These benefits include:

1.     Increased speed of muscle contraction and relaxation

2.     Greater degree of movement because of less muscle resistance

3.     Helps to protect the body’s immune system as sudden high impact exercise can cause stress hormones to be released that weaken our immune system

4.     Increased fat burn during your workout as your body has burned the stored energy during your warm up

5.     Assists in injury prevention as warm muscles are more pliable and the increase in body temp helps to lubricate joints

6.     It mentally prepares you for your workout and helps you stay focused and motivated!!!

Added: 12-03-2012